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Against The Odds: Cierra Esq Takes On Lead Corporations To Stand Up For Worker’s Rights

Being in business is never easy. Twenty percent of businesses in the United States fail within the first year. However, there are plenty that take off and grow exponentially. Cierra Esq, a Top 40 lawyer under 40, is one of those entrepreneurs that has found success relatively quickly. She has worked with multi-million dollar corporations and seen what works, and the mistakes that are fatal for businesses. She understands the industry as well as she personally has seen how smart business moves have helped her when she branched out onto her own law office. With big business, things can easily be swept under the rug. However, Cierra Esq is a dedicated civil worker who wants to set the record straight. 

The Issue With Big Business

Being the tenacious leader she is, Cierra has discovered major faults in big, well-renowned corporations. She currently is up against companies like Uber, Lyft, Grubhub and even Amazon concerning their use of “independent contractors.” “Some states have rules that drivers of Uber and Lyft are employees, yet the companies still claim them as independent-contractors.” This is a major conflict. Digging deeper into the records and claims of these businesses has empowered Cierra to take a stand against the big guys. Her determination to stick up for what she believes is right is a major motivating factor in her career, and she is committed to doing what it takes to clear the air. 

Advice For Those In The Trade

It takes a lot in order to start, run, and maintain a business. The rules and regulations change, and for big companies, it’s easy to lose little details in the massive void that it takes to stay afloat. However, for those seeking good business advice: do your research. Especially your business law research. Throughout her time working for corporations, Cierra got to witness firsthand major established companies make huge mistakes because of their lack of awareness of the law. Because of the lack of attention to detail, Cierra is costing major corporations millions of dollars. She is dedicated, determined, and deliberate in making a stand to keep big corporations in their place. 

Standing Up For The Ones Who Can’t

Cierra was up against the odds that society had placed when she first entered the law industry. However, she didn’t let it hold her back from doing what she loved as well as starting her own company. “Don’t be afraid of failure. You’ll do it all the time, because it’s a part of the territory.” Because she personally understands what it feels like to be lost in the big business void, she wants to make a difference in her industry. She is passionate and compassionate about standing up and being a voice for those who may not understand or have the ability to change their environments. Cierra has been given abilities, knowledge, and a respectable voice to stand up for those who can’t. 

Moving Forward In Her Mission

Undergoing many different situations that made Cierra uncomfortable and upset she never let her emotions get the best of her. “Don’t let your emotions stop you from growing; discipline is better than motivation” expresses Esq. Learning to push through the outward negativity has made a huge difference in Cierra’s law success. Truly executing mental toughness throughout her career, Cierra has risen above the expectations, and she has flourished as an attorney and business leader. She has stood up for those who can’t, and moving forward, she hopes to be known as a lawyer that not only says she’ll make a difference, but truly does and gives back in everything she does. Taking on big corporations takes a lot of courage, and Cierra has learned to believe in herself and her abilities despite the obstacles and societal expectations. If you are interested in learning more about Cierra’s story and business, follow her on Instagram or check out her website.

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