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Andrea Machado: An example of success and passion in the world of architecture



Andrea Machado Romero is a young Colombian who has stood out as an exceptional figure in the field of architecture, demonstrating unwavering commitment, exceptional creativity and an undeniable passion for her art. With an impressive academic background and diverse professional experience, Andrea has established herself as a driving force in the architectural industry.

Andrea earned her Diploma in Architecture from the prestigious Rice University in Houston, Texas, where she graduated with an outstanding 3.8/4.0 GPA in May 2021. During her time at Rice, Andrea also had the opportunity to broaden her academic horizons by studying a semester abroad at Rice School of Architecture in Paris, France, and a summer in Rome, Italy.

Her professional career took off with her role as an Architectural Designer at Thomas Phifer and Partners in New York, NY, where she worked on the Warsaw Museum of Modern Art project. Her ability to create detailed drawings and coordinate with multidisciplinary, international teams of consultants during museum construction has distinguished her as a leader in her field.

Prior to this, Andrea gained invaluable experience as a Digital Research Assistant at Rice University, where she provided direct assistance in the fabrication lab and trained students and faculty on the use of digital production equipment and software.

Her dedication to excellence is reflected not only in her professional work, but also in her commitment to her community. Andrea is currently a Mentor at the Architecture League of New York, where her years of experience and knowledge in her field have led her to serve as a guide and role model for undergraduate architecture students in the city of NY. Additionally, Andrea held leadership roles as Logistics Coordinator and Student Director of the International Preparedness and Regulatory Education Program in the Office of International Students and Scholars at Rice University, where she planned and executed important programs that benefited the international student community.

With an unwavering work ethic and a passion for innovative design, Andrea continues to push boundaries in the field of architecture. Her talent has not been left out of the spotlight in the industry and Machado has received awards and recognitions. Importantly, during his internship at MC2 Architects, his team’s design was honored with an award from the American Institute of Architects in Houston for its visionary proposal for a 250-unit residential community, which seeks to mitigate the problems of flooding caused by the impact of climate change in Houston.

During her studies, she was also recognized for her academic excellence. For example, the May 2021 Margaret Everson-Fossi Scholarship was awarded to her by the Rice University School of Architecture in recognition of the best senior design project, developed during her studies in Paris, France. She was also recognized with multiple awards from the Department of Art History, funding research trips to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Cuba, and Rome.

Andrea Machado Romero is a living testimony that perseverance, passion and commitment to excellence are the keys to success in any field. Her inspiring story and her lasting impact on the architectural and artistic community make her an exemplary and motivating figure for all those who aspire to achieve her dreams.

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