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Evolve or Evaporate: The Resilient Journey of Entrepreneur Charles Smith

Charles Smith Entrepreneur

When you hear the phrase “Charles Smith Entrepreneur,” a host of intriguing narratives flood your mind. Charles Smith, a force behind CommunityWorks, embodies the ultimate entrepreneurial spirit, demonstrating that ambition has no bounds. In this exclusive feature, we delve into his fascinating journey, from running a six-figure T-shirt business from prison to becoming a cover story for Westword Magazine.

The Unconventional Genesis of an Entrepreneurial Spirit

“I think it’s in my DNA. Running a business comes easy to me. It doesn’t hurt that I’m good at it,” Charles says, detailing what inspired him to become an entrepreneur. But what makes Charles truly extraordinary is how he kicked off his journey. He started his first business from the hollows of a prison cell, eventually evolving it into a six-figure T-shirt company. “From there, it was clear that I’m built for business development,” he adds. The power of entrepreneurship transcended physical barriers for Charles, proving that the right mindset could overcome any challenge.

Navigating Technological Waves After a 24-Year Hiatus

The most significant challenges faced by Charles stem from his 24-year stint in prison. “Getting out and not knowing about the technological advancements was tough,” he admits. However, Charles’ resilience is an object lesson in adaptability. His ability to quickly adapt to new technologies and leverage them for his business is a testament to his “Evolve or Evaporate” philosophy. “The abundance mentality is essential; there’s always enough for everybody,” Charles says.

The Milestones and the Future: Expansion, Expansion, Expansion

Being featured in the Westword Magazine and named as the cover story was a pivotal moment for Charles. “It was an affirmation that my hard work is being recognized,” he remarks. Now, his eyes are set on future growth. “Expansion, expansion, expansion. City by city,” he outlines his plans.

His target audience primarily includes young males, particularly black and brown males, and his businesses aim to offer quality products that solve specific problems for them.

Evolve or Evaporate: Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

“Stick to it. Your dream is around the corner,” Charles shares when asked about his advice for budding entrepreneurs. His leadership style is straightforward: “Let’s get to it.” No wonder Charles keeps a fine work-life balance by emulating his boss, who’s “always in go mode.”

Charles continues to engage with the entrepreneurial ecosystem by attending networking events and mentorships. “I always attend to at least show my support,” he says, revealing his commitment to the broader business community.

Follow Charles Smith on Instagram and visit his website to learn more about his journey and how you can be a part of it.

The story of Charles Smith, the entrepreneur, offers valuable lessons in resilience, adaptability, and growth. From the unlikely origins of a prison cell to gracing the cover of magazines, his journey exemplifies that life is not about where you start, but how you evolve.

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