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Fernando Tovar: icon of llanera music continues to achieve success and recognition



Fernando Tovar, a native of the San Fernando de Apure municipality, has demonstrated from an early age an innate talent and passion for llanera music. His career, marked by countless achievements and contributions to the genre, has consolidated him as one of the most prominent references in Venezuelan regional music.
From his outstanding participation in the Carrusel Infantil Festival, where he won second place at the age of 9, to his recent collaborations with renowned artists, Tovar has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to his art and his culture.
His foray into the music scene is not limited to the national level, but extends internationally. In 2006, he proudly represented Venezuela in a cultural exchange with European countries such as Switzerland, Spain and France. In addition, he has taken his music to various Latin American nations, thus strengthening cultural ties between peoples.
The release of his albums “Yacimiento de Amor” in 2007 and “Dignidad” in 2013 marked important milestones in his career, cementing his position as a renowned musical talent.
Recently, Tovar participated in the emotional song “A Mi Also” alongside prominent llanera music artists, uniting voices in a message of unity and brotherhood. In addition, his collaboration with singer-songwriter Miguelito Díaz on the song “Llanerías”, released in September 2023, has been received with great enthusiasm by his followers.
Fernando Tovar’s achievements have not gone unnoticed, with him being awarded on multiple occasions with prestigious awards such as the “Mara de Oro”, “Gran Águila de Venezuela”, and “La Estrella de Venezuela”. In 2021 he won the Tocando La Fama award and last December he managed to win the Tacarigua de Oro USA award in Miami as a llanero singer with international projection. His artistic excellence has also been recognized internationally, with nominations at the Premios Latino Music Awards in the categories of “Best Llanera Music Artist” and “Best Llanera Music Song.”
“Fernando Tovar has earned a place among the greats of Llanero folklore internationally, his music crosses borders and excites those who have the privilege of listening to it.
With each step in his career, Fernando Tovar continues to enrich the legacy of llanera music, inspiring new generations and taking the soul of Venezuela with him to every corner of the world.

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