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How To Be Successful Every Day of Your Life

Today we’d like to introduce you to Joylynn M. Ross.

It’s an honor to speak with you today. Why don’t you give us some details about you and your story. How did you get to where you are today?

I’m only two things every day of the week: I’m somebody’s blessing or somebody’s miracle. That’s who I set out to be for my clients – for my community and the world – each day I wake up. As a matter of fact, as a literary consultant, publishing coach, and Master Literary Educator, that’s the one thing I let my clients know; that what gets me up each morning is being or finding the solution to what keeps them up at night.

And I know that whether most business owners, entrepreneurs, CEOs or those in the non-profit sector proclaim it or not, when they peel the layers of their “Why” down to the core, that is what they end up with as well. With their gifts, skills, service, expertise, and products, they want to be a blessing to others. They want to be someone’s miracle. They want to add value and benefit to as many lives as possible. They don’t only want to leave a legacy, but they want to live one; seeing the results of their works, service and efforts make a difference – make an impact – before they leave this earth, knowing that they were here on purpose, for a purpose and served that purpose. That is the ultimate “Why”.

As a literary professional in the publishing industry – who started out as an author – I know part of my purpose and assignment is to ensure that marginalized voices are heard.

I’m sure your success has not come easily. What challenges have you had to overcome along the way?

After launching my writing and publishing career, I realized that writing a book can be a love or passion, but publishing and selling it is a business, which was a challenge. So, I researched, networked, attended workshops, and purchased insight from literary and business professionals, becoming the respected literary and publishing expert I am today. I learned to fish and had a veritable seafood buffet at my table. Then I set out to help others achieve the title of literary and financially successful authors and writers. I hired a team of 90% women to help build my literary consulting and service provider firm, Path To Publishing.

Although working with likeminded women is a blessing, it led to other challenges, especially in the male dominated arena of publishing experts and gatekeepers. Even as a child, I discerned that women didn’t always have a voice. If they did, not many wanted to listen. Maybe it was Edith Bunker being told to “Stifle Yourself.” Whatever it was, it embedded in my spirit that if a woman wanted to change HIStory, she needed to write HERstory, ultimately changing that old-fashioned narrative. It remains part of my mission, purpose, and assignment to assist women in general – as 85% of my clientele are women – change history with the stroke of a pen. So, I overcame this challenge not by trying to move the needle, but I became the DJ. Not by demanding a seat at someone else’s table, but by building my own.

Let’s talk about the work you do. What do you specialize in and why should someone work with you over the competition?

Path To Publishing serves two markets: Individual writers and authors, as well as corporations and non-profits. We help writers and authors navigate the writing and publishing process, as well as increase book sales and catapult their literary career. We offer guidance, support, and services needed to write and publish books, and the education, consulting, and coaching to turn books into a business.

Books are the new business cards and proof of authority, we help businesses, CEOs and non-profits share their messages via written content. We do so by helping them write books and publications that add value to their readers’ and clients’ lives and credibility to their own expertise. We also help them craft selling bios, compelling personal narratives, and design and write informative and engaging corporate brochures. Professionally, well written stories are memorable, inform and educate, which leads to sells. Storytelling is indirect selling through educating. Explaining in a way that sticks to consumers who your business is, what it does and why.

Path To Publishing’s USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is our heart. We take the extra time and effort to make sure each client’s needs are met. Why? Because we love our clients from the bottom of our heart. And we use our heart to get to the heart and soul of our clients, so that they can get to the heart and soul of their books and businesses, so that ultimately their books and businesses can get to the heart and soul of their readers and clients.

What’s your best piece of advice for readers who desire to find success in their life?

Stop chasing it. Slow down. Let success find you – or at least catch up with you. But before you can even do that, define what success is for you.

What does success look like to you?

What does success feel like to you?

What does success taste like to you?

What does success sound like to you?

What does success smell like to you?

Seriously. I want you to take a moment to sit back, close your eyes and ask yourself the questions above. Keep a journal or notebook and paper on hand, because after you visualize it – after you put yourself smack dead in the middle of success – I want you to write down the answers.

Write down what you saw. Was it you in an isolated shack surrounded by nature living your best life carefree and without worry? Perhaps tending to a garden out back, taking in the smell of fresh fruits and vegetables? Surviving from what the land has to offer, caring less about how close the nearest Walmart is? Or was it you living in a five-level split, built from the ground dream home? A staff that includes a chef and a maid? Enjoying warm self-care sessions in your deep garden tub with jets? Do you feel happy? Content? Even guilty?

Remember, this is your own personal measure of success. Never mind what success is or looks like to and on someone else. You have to wear it and be comfortable in it.

Speaking of success, what does the word mean to you?

At Path To Publishing we like to say that our success is based on the success of the people we help win. So, in short, success for us is when we see our clients reach their literary visions and goals. When we help our clients build thriving businesses.

For me personally, when it comes to what the word success means, we’ll have to go back full circle to the beginning of this interview when you asked me who I am. I said I’m somebody’s blessing or somebody’s miracle.

Success is knowing that I changed somebody’s life for the better with something I did, didn’t do, said, didn’t say, gave, or kept to myself.

Success is knowing that I made a difference in somebody’s life today and tomorrow. Whether I had to step outside my house, or hop on the phone or Zoom, I can reach somebody to bless them. Email or snail mail. I can reach out far enough to touch, change, and make a difference in somebody’s life.

I can be somebody’s miracle, help them keep their lights and gas on, buy food for the hungry, keep the doors to a church or business open with Zelle, CashApp, PayPal, Venmo, ApplePay, etc. I rarely have to leave my home to be a blessing or a miracle to someone.

That means that every person reading this has the potential and opportunity to be successful every day your life – that is, of course, depending on what success means to you.

What’s next for you?

Our Board of Directors, Advisory Board and our Program Creator and Coordinator have been working since early 2022 planning out systems and strategies for the success of our future services, programs, events and products. We’ve gotten rid of what wasn’t working (or what was working but not enough), updated and enhanced what is working, and created and introduced new and innovative programs and events to take us to new levels and dimensions of our mapped out and agreed on measure of success.

When I say “our”, I don’t just mean Path To Publishing. I mean everyone attached to our enterprise and in the Path To Publishing community. That includes our partners, our sponsors, investors and our clients reaching their personal measure of success; whatever that looks like to them.

The launch of our Breaking Open Abundance programs is exactly what the world has been waiting on – writers, authors, business owners, CEOs, and everyday people alike. From our Spring Forward into Abundance retreat in April in Las Vegas, to our Fall Back in Love to Move Forward in Abundance conference in September in Paris, France, we are committed to ensuring that success comes with ease, flow, and intention.

Finally, how can people connect with you if they want to learn more?

Path To Publishing believes everyone has a story, testimony or message worth sharing—one that can touch lives, change lives, and even save lives—and that those who want to share those stories, testimonies and messages should have access to the tools, information, and resources to do so . . . that means you, my friend.

So, email if you would like to learn about how we can help you create and share your written words and content. Or call us at 725-605-4054. One of our Verified Literary Consultants will be glad to assist you.

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We’re not going to sell you a dream, we’re simply going to help you make yours come true.

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