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J.D. Frost Reveals the Secrets of the Successful

Successful Chattanooga entrepreneur J.D. Frost has seen first-hand how successful businesses form, grow, and scale. He has also experienced how businesses fail. With his dual CPA and MBA degrees, J.D. quickly learned that accounting is the language of business. As an experienced business owner who has helped thousands of clients scale their businesses, J.D. learned the daily habits, routines, and secrets to running a successful business.  With the desire to invest in others, J.D. felt compelled to share his knowledge, tips, and experience for entrepreneurs to change the way they think about their personal, professional, and financial goals.  With the launch of his new book, The Life Ledger: How to Build a System to Reach Your Goals, he can do just that!

In J.D.’s new book, which will be released on November 29,  J.D. simultaneously teaches the principles he dubs the ‘Four Foundations of Wealth Creation,’ as well as covers the methodology of creating a successful personal and professional life through daily action and routine. This resource is unlike others as it gives you step-by-step instructions as well as tools to reach your goals.

The acclaimed best-selling author Tim Storey even claimed, “I found that when people are willing to share how they have helped clients and investors raise money to get their businesses going, you better pay attention. J.D. does just that in The Life Ledger.”

 The Life Ledger: How to Build a System to Reach Your Goals is curated for business owners and entrepreneurs who not only want to scale their business but take it to the next level. With the release date of November 29, 2022, soon approaching, you don’t want to miss out on it!

Take your business to the next level with J.D. Frost’s new book, and pre-order today!


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