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Kelly Wilson’s Journey: How Apollo Energy Became a Renewable Energy Leader

The renewable energy industry is experiencing exponential growth, but in this fiercely competitive landscape, achieving success goes beyond merely having good timing. This is where Kelly Wilson and Apollo Energy come into play. Leveraging his expertise in home improvement, Wilson ventured into the solar industry, launching a solar sales platform that delivers real value to both homeowners and employees. Through unwavering determination, calculated risk-taking, and a steadfast commitment to prioritizing people, Wilson has elevated Apollo Energy from a one-person venture into a pioneering renewable energy provider.

Transitioning from Traditional Construction to Solar Power

Before making the leap into solar, Wilson dedicated nearly a decade to honing his skills in home improvement. However, he soon realized that the renewable energy sector offered far-reaching benefits that extended beyond just installing solar panels. “This is an industry poised for remarkable growth,” Wilson remarked. “It not only offers cost savings, independence, and security to homeowners but also generates energy in an environmentally friendly manner that benefits everyone.”

Wilson’s astute observation led him to identify a critical gap in the market. He recognized the need for a company that placed transparency and quality service above sales targets. After assembling a successful marketing team for another organization, Wilson decided to launch Apollo Energy, aimed at providing homeowners with a truly transparent and valuable solar solution.

Launching Apollo: No Loans, Full Ownership

While many entrepreneurs often seek investment or loans to finance their startups, Wilson took a unique approach by bootstrapping Apollo Energy. “Our entire organization was founded using nothing more than my personal savings,” Wilson explained. “We are entirely debt-free and 100% privately owned.” Wilson reinvested his commissions from early solar sales into Apollo, with a strong focus on building a remote team that shared the company’s core values. Wilson acknowledged the risks associated with relying solely on his own funds but viewed it as a critical step in ensuring autonomy and unwavering commitment. “By burning the boats to start our company, I was driven to succeed, leaving no room for alternative paths,” he stated.

Prioritizing People

For Wilson, Apollo Energy’s success pivots on its employee-centric approach. “It is crucial to be highly selective in choosing your team members,” advised Wilson. “Your core leadership team can make or break your organization, especially in its early stages.” Wilson remains steadfast in his commitment to Apollo’s employees, emphasizing the importance of delivering on promises and empowering staff with ownership and flexibility.

Apollo Energy also actively gives back to communities through donations and volunteer work, epitomizing its motto, “people before panels,” in every facet of its operations.

Staying Customer-Focused

In the dynamic renewable energy landscape, Wilson understood the perils of prioritizing growth over customer satisfaction. This is why Apollo maintains an unwavering commitment to personalized service and education for each homeowner. “Our goal is to become the leading solar sales platform in the United States, but we will never lose sight of our primary mission – providing value and care to our customers,” explained Wilson. “We invest the time to understand each homeowner’s unique needs to deliver the right solution.”

The company’s extensive collection of five-star customer reviews attests to the effectiveness of its customer-centric approach. Homeowners consistently praise Apollo’s consultative methods and in-depth solar expertise.

Rapid Growth and a Stellar Reputation

Apollo’s investments in its employees and customers have borne fruit with rapid expansion. In just two years, the company has grown to employ over 60 professionals across 19 states and completes solar installations worth $1 million each month.

Apollo’s reputation for excellence has quickly outpaced competitors that have been in business for over a decade. Wilson attributes this success to their seasoned team of industry experts and early adopters, who have built trust with homeowners seeking to maximize savings while staying at the forefront of renewable energy solutions.

Looking Ahead: Commercial Endeavors and Nationwide Expansion

With their remarkable progress so far, Apollo has ambitious plans for further expansion. The company recently entered the commercial solar space, taking on large-scale projects. “We are now equipped to handle installations of all sizes for both residential and commercial clients,” noted Wilson.

Nationwide reach is also firmly on the horizon. “We aim to become the leading solar sales platform across the entire United States,” affirmed Wilson. Apollo’s remote organizational structure positions them for swift national growth.

As Apollo continues to broaden its presence under Wilson’s leadership, their core values remain unwavering. “We will always remain true to our founding commitment of transparency and authenticity,” assured Wilson. “Our customers and employees are our top priority, always.”

Wilson envisions a future where Apollo plays a pivotal role in facilitating widespread adoption of renewable energy across America. Regardless of their size, Wilson is resolute that the company’s culture will always revolve around creating win-win solutions.

The Takeaway: People at the Heart of Success

Kelly Wilson and Apollo Energy exemplify how unconventional approaches can lead to the success of a business. By bootstrapping the company from day one and maintaining control, Wilson ensured that Apollo stayed true to its core mission. He took calculated risks while remaining steadfast in his commitment to providing value to both employees and customers. Today, Apollo is poised for significant growth, thanks to Wilson’s visionary, people-centric leadership style.

Wilson succinctly summarizes his entrepreneurial journey: “If you take care of your people, the profits will follow.” For those looking to make a meaningful impact in the renewable energy sector or any industry, Apollo Energy sets the gold standard. Kelly Wilson serves as a testament to the fact that keeping people at the center is the key to achieving sustainable success.

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