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Leo Swidan: Defying The Odds And Revving Up The Automotive Industry

Leo Swidan, the dynamic CEO of Kōsoku Customs, is making waves in the automotive industry at the young age of 23. His story is not just one of entrepreneurial success but also a testament to determination, grit, and passion.

Hailing from the small town of Highland in Southern California, Leo’s journey into the world of cars and customization began at a young age. Growing up with a father deeply involved in the automotive industry, Leo developed a fascination for cars that would shape his future. However, it wasn’t an easy path, as car culture was not widely accepted in his hometown.

Leo’s defining moment came a month before his 22nd birthday when he acquired his dream car—the iconic Nissan GT-R. This marked a significant milestone in his life, a symbol of relentless dedication and two years of hard work and financial discipline. The GT-R served as the catalyst for Leo’s journey into the automotive world and opened doors to valuable connections.

One of these connections was Drake, better known as “DrakeBuilt,” a renowned figure in the automotive content creation scene on platforms like YouTube and Instagram. Drake had opened his own mechanic shop and offered to teach Leo the intricacies of working on cars. This mentorship not only expanded Leo’s knowledge but also enabled him to modify his car, boosting its horsepower to over 700 whp.

Leo’s thirst for learning didn’t stop there. He ventured into the world of car wrapping, taking an in-person course to master the art. Drake, recognizing Leo’s potential, provided him with space at his shop to start wrapping clients’ cars. This opportunity was pivotal in Leo’s journey toward automotive excellence.

On October 15, 2023, at just 23 years old, Leo achieved a remarkable milestone by becoming the owner of his own business, Kōsoku Customs, located in San Bernardino, CA. His shop offers a range of services, including full-color changing wraps, starlight headliners, window tinting, ceramic coatings, paint corrections, and paint protection film (PPF) installations.

One of Leo’s most significant accomplishments is creating and building his business at such a young age. He defied the odds, proving that age should never be a barrier to success.

Leo’s story serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs, especially those facing adversity. He believes that embracing discomfort is the key to personal and professional growth, and the most challenging situations often yield the highest rewards.

Looking ahead, Leo envisions his brand, Kōsoku Customs, being discovered by the masses. He aims to diversify his offerings, expanding into street apparel and developing his own line of wrap, detail, and ceramic products. Leo also has plans to grow his social media presence, with a focus on a dedicated YouTube channel to showcase the latest projects from Kōsoku Customs.

In a world where youth is often underestimated, Leo Swidan is proving that passion, determination, and hard work can lead to remarkable success. His journey in the automotive industry is just beginning, and the road ahead looks promising.

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