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FreeLife101 Investment Group Founder Michael Jenkins Empowers Foreign Exchange Trading

Michael Jenkins

Michael Jenkins, the founder of FreeLife101 Investment Group, is a successful entrepreneur who has revolutionized Forex trading by creating a simplified trading strategy for beginners. The company’s mission is to teach parents how to trade Forex, a decentralized financial market, so that they can achieve financial independence and create generational wealth.

Jenkins’ path to entrepreneurship started after 12 years of door-to-door sales selling home security. Looking for a way to create unlimited income without relying on someone to spend money with him, he turned to Forex trading. He first learned about Forex through a multilevel marketing company but found that the education was lacking. He hired a coach to teach him everything he knew and then simplified the strategy so that anyone could learn the skill and profit from it quickly.

What sets FreeLife101 Investment Group apart from other Forex trading companies is its focus on education. Jenkins created a company that caters to what he knew the market needed, and the company’s success is evident by the more than 300 students who have officially retired after joining the academy. Additionally, one of his students is now a 7-figure millionaire. Jenkins’ success is further evidenced by earning his first 2 comma club award from click funnels, commemorating earning 1 million dollars in his coaching business.

Forex trading is not a scam, and with the proper coaching, anyone can learn the skill and earn more than they ever imagined. Jenkins wants his audience to know that they don’t have to keep working at a job they hate, getting only two weeks off a year, with nothing to pass down to their children. Forex trading can provide the opportunity to travel the world, live a FreeLife, and create generational wealth.

Jenkins is a successful entrepreneur who grew up in a single-parent home, faced academic challenges and dropped out of college after two years. Despite the challenges he faced, he overcame them by developing his mindset to become an above-average person. He advises young entrepreneurs to never get too attached to when they think they should reach their goals, and their business should be their passion. When fulfilled by the love they have for their business, money will be an automatic byproduct.

FreeLife101 Investment Group’s academy operates at a high 90% capacity, and Jenkins urges interested individuals to grab the Free Forex Fortunes Course and apply for coaching since spots are limited. The website is To keep up with Michael Jenkins make sure you follow him on Instagram.

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