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Nigerian Afro Pop Sensation Skilzar’s Inspiring Musical Journey Unveiled

By James Andrew

In the realm of African music, the charismatic figure known as OLUWASEUN OLAEGBE, or Skilzar, shines bright as a Nigerian Afro Pop luminary. This musical virtuoso has graced us with a plethora of soul-stirring melodies that have left an indelible mark. Delve into the captivating biography of OLUWASEUN OLAEGBE and uncover an array of fresh insights about this artist!

Hailing from the heart of Lagos State, Nigeria, Skilzar was born on August 20th, marking the inception of his extraordinary journey. His birthplace served as the launchpad for his eventual ascent to stardom and accomplishment.

Skilzar’s given name, OLUWASEUN OLAEGBE, resonates with significance. While his birth transpired in Lagos State, his roots are intertwined with Osun State, a testament to his rich heritage. Despite modest beginnings, his parents valiantly prioritized education and essentials for their children, forging a distinct path.

Education propelled Skilzar forward, commencing at Lagos State Model College, Igbonla, Epe. Progressing through primary and secondary schooling, he secured his WAEC Certificate in 2006. His academic journey led him to Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomosho, Oyo State,Nigeria, culminating in a coveted Bachelor Of Technology degree in Computer Science. His thirst for knowledge drovehim to an internship at NIIT Ajah Center, where the foundations of Java Programming were laid. Remarkably, OLUWASEUN evolved into a Google Trained Digital Marketing Specialist and a skilled computer programmer, having also honed his craft at Harvard. OLUWASEUN OLAEGBE is a member of the British Computer Society (BCS), The Chartered Institute For I.T.

The realm of creativity isn’t confined to music for Skilzar. He has graced various roles, from web design to digital mediastrategist. His influence extended across brands like CrepawayNigeria, Yessiey Magazine, Ponmojebu USA, Mariebabs, Blackandscot UK, and Ojudeoba. Skilzar further served as a Media Consultant for distinguished individuals, including Aniitablonde, Andrew Lucky Enwere, and DekunleOkunrinboye. Post-university ventures encompassed associations with BAK-Eldorado Realtors and Evolved Mind, culminating in the establishment of Skilzar Digital, his digital agency, in 2018.

A Melodious Journey from Early Roots

From infancy, music’s allure captivated OLUWASEUN. As a mere babe, he drummed rhythms on his highchair tray and danced exuberantly to family melodies. This nascent fascination burgeoned, fostering his determination to become a musician. Influenced by the traditional music cherished by his father, artists like Michael Jackson, King Sunny Ade, and Shina Peters etched an early influence on him.

His talents became evident as early as age 5, when he represented his school in musical performances. Formal music classes laid the groundwork, and by age 7, his affinity for the flute manifested. Introduction to afrobeats and pop further shaped his musical voyage. Icons such as Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, and Fela guided his burgeoning interests.

The transition to adolescence marked a commitment to singing and percussion. OLUWASEUN’s path weaved through school social gatherings, where his drumming talents flourished. Throughout middle and high school, he and his friends formed a musical collective, harnessing their creative energies and sparking popularity.

Collaborations and Rising Stardom

Transitioning to college life, OLUWASEUN joined TLP Group, a musical ensemble that sowed the seeds of his musical evolution. Showcasing talents, they stormed university campuses, performing and captivating audiences. Aspiring for greater heights, he ventured into the studio under the guidance of producer Shoba King, who recognized OLUWASEUN’s potential.

Shoba King’s studio sessions birthed compositions that reverberated online. Notable freestyles, including “Dance ForMe,” garnered substantial streams, propelling OLUWASEUN OLAEGBE, now Skilzar, into the public eye. The captivating afro pop melodies he unleashed, starting with “Dance For Me” in 2012 and “Mercy” featuring the vocals, mixing and mastering of Gt Da Guitarman in 2013, cemented his position as a Nigerian afro music maven.

A Versatile Artistry and Sonic Innovator

Skilzar’s musical prowess transcends genres. His distinctive voice seamlessly weaves modern and traditional beats, exemplifying his versatility. Notably, he penned lots of songs for fellow artists, solidifying his stature as a trendsetter in music world. Collaborations with artists like Xcess and Sugarboy underscore his influence, with tracks like “X Caution” and “Hip-hop Azonto” showcasing his creative spirit.

In a realm where talent knows no bounds, OLUWASEUN OLAEGBE, alias Skilzar, has etched an enduring legacy. His sonic journey continues to inspire, reminding us that passion, innovation, and dedication fuel artistic brilliance.

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