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Norberto Diaz Granados’ Rock Project continues to reach a huge audience worldwide

What begins in a dream in 2013 has become a great project of rock music around the world. Norberto Diaz Granados shares with us some impressions and backstage details of this dark Spanish-rock album.

How was born this rock project?

Well, it was in the early 2020 when I decided to do something different to what I had been doing until then. For 15 years I was doing all kinds of music in ballad, bolero, and other free styles. Although I always loved rock since my childhood, I put it away for a long time. I was thinking in something different and what else could it be but rock? So, I took one of the songs I had written and chose one which came to me in a dream.

Do you mean, you dreamt that song?

Oh, yes! I dreamt that song in 2013 on a weekend. I had that dream where I was singing a great song in front of thousands in a concert. That day, I woke up and write the lyrics and made a cool track with it. The first time I sang that song was the next Sunday during a meeting with friends and relatives. It was a great day.

Tell me about that song, and the album.

Well, all songs in this project are related to a fatal experience I had facing death when I was 15. I put all my memories in these songs about that terrible time, and How I was able to overcome all obstacles and go beyond until where I am today.

There are going to be 12 songs in the album. The first song which has the name of the project was released in April 2021, the very same day of my anniversary. The day I died. All memories come to that dark 30th of April when I was run over by a truck and lost my life.

So, the name for the full album and first song is in Spanish: “Carried away my dead”.

The second song was released on August the 4th. The name of this song in Spanish is: “Who can tell?”. Another rock song with a huge difference with the first one. We use some darker influences, minor notes, and gothic style to make a great song. The day of release was my daughter birthday. This song was really loved since that day, reaching more than 96 nations in just three months.

When are you planning to release more singles of this album?

We are working hard for bringing out all the 10 remaining songs in 2022. It is a long shot and I know won´t be easy to get it on time, but we are working with all our hearts to achieve this goal.

A new single is on the way and will be released in February. The name of this new single is going to be: “Because of you”. Another Spanish rock song, off course. It talks about a gambling game with death which was lose by me during the whole night. But at the end, just before dawn, I got a full house game and won my life. Although, somebody else gave the cards I needed then. You will have to wait for the song release to know the rest of the lyrics.

Another song will be out in March, and that is all I can say now about it.

We heard of a course you design for songwriters. What is it about?

Oh, sure. I wrote an e-book for amateurs’ songwriters to give them some great practical tools to learn how to write good songs. And it was a great Success in the first release week. So, I decided to open an online course with 35 video lessons where I share tools, advises, and practical exercises and gave away 200 scholarships to enter the program. It will start live on January the 15th with a great number of guests and a lovely staff of musicians, producers and singers that are working with me on this project.

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