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Pheladi Anastacia Thaba: Empowering Lives and Building an Empire with Medim8s Pty Ltd

Pheladi Anastacia Thaba, the visionary entrepreneur behind Medim8s Pty Ltd, is on a mission to empower individuals and create a lasting impact. From overcoming challenges as a foreigner to establishing a thriving business, Pheladi’s journey exemplifies determination and a strong focus on digital marketing.

Empowering Individuals with Medim8s Pty Ltd: Pheladi founded Medim8s Pty Ltd to offer a range of services aimed at transforming lives. Through mindset coaching, networking strategies, and engaging seminars, she equips her clients with the necessary tools for success.

Persistence and Growth Mindset: Pheladi emphasizes the importance of persistence and a growth mindset. She believes that challenges indicate being on the right path, while adjustments are needed to keep pushing boundaries. Calculated risks, multiple income streams, and stability contribute to sustainable growth.

Unwavering Routine and Personal Success: Pheladi attributes her personal success to an unwavering routine. Early mornings, meditation, running, and swimming set the tone for productivity and inspiration. Motivational songs with a spiritual essence further fuel her motivation.

Global Expansion and Collaborations: Pheladi envisions taking Medim8s Pty Ltd to a global scale. She plans to transform it into a comprehensive clinic offering trusted products. Collaborating with experts in various fields such as styling image consultants, travel agencies, photographers, hotels, hair salons, and even a dating company, she aims to cater to diverse individual needs.

Digital Presence and Community Engagement: Pheladi’s online presence is a testament to her passion and dedication. Through her website,, individuals can connect and explore Medim8s Pty Ltd’s services. She actively engages with her growing community on Instagram at Anastacia_PanamesterZ.

Inspiration for Dreamers and Visionaries: Pheladi Anastacia Thaba’s journey from a foreign land to a successful businesswoman is an inspiration for dreamers and visionaries. Her determination, resilience, and strategic marketing showcase the power of entrepreneurship. Medim8s Pty Ltd continues to empower individuals, unlocking their true potential.

Conclusion: As we look forward to Pheladi’s future endeavors, her unwavering spirit and commitment to making a difference will undoubtedly lead to even greater achievements.

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