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Recruiting on Social Media

Creative Recruiting is Necessary

With the ongoing employee shortage in most industries as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has never been so imperative to maximize creative tools to find skilled workers.

What You Should Know

Inc. Magazine tells us 79% of job seekers use social media in their job search, from which 86% of younger job seekers within the first 10 years of their career. Here we can find graduates and other professionals that feel strongly about improving their career and consider they deserve better.

45% of job seekers use their mobile devices at least once a day. Therefore, Facebook Jobs is a direct competitor to Indeed. In addition, there’s the fact that LinkedIn provides a wide array of entry-level and high-end corporate jobs as well. Social media’s role in recruiting has gone from just an idea to becoming a fast-emerging force in the job search ecosystem. Although many companies might not necessarily step in this creative zone, due to their industry, lack of confidence, or discomfort, they are missing out on true active reach to prospects in other social circles within their service areas.  While some may not dare to embrace these platforms already at the palm of their hands, emerging platforms like TikTok will not stop innovating in the digital landscape.

The popular social media platform launched an initiative called #TikTokResumes, a new Video Resume program designed to support TikTok’s community and stand out in the hiring process. One of the first jobs seen here is the Creative Innovation intern position for the Detroit Pistons. As more companies build their presence here, the demographics continue to grow. The Amaro team encourages creative recruiting on social media platforms.

Why Social Media for Recruiting

When any business publishes new job postings, they recur to promoting positions on job boards like Indeed and ZipRecruiter, among others, which is not a bad thing. That’s where supposedly all the job seekers are. However, there’s a 2.1 billion user platform overflowing with active and passive talent, open to the right opportunities. Today, Facebook is a prime marketing channel. Despite being saturated, everyone continues to be active on it. Recruiting on this platform isn’t that different from marketing – you need to place your job ad in the eyes of the right people at the right time. Reach always equals attention, and attention is always leveraged with the proper creatives.

Candidate Sourcing Costs

You can post a job multiple times for free and sponsor one job posting to reach people in surrounding towns with a $310 budget for 10 days- which I’ll explain later. You might have an average cost per click of $1-2, but what you don’t pay for is the current people that like your page or your followers that could help sharing the job post to their circles. This creates an echo to your job post, as friends share with other friends and family, which is the expected behavior of job board users. Nobody that doesn’t need a job or is even open to another opportunity will bother to log into a platform like Indeed or CareerBuilder just to scroll through. Remember, people live on social media. That’s what it was engineered for. As people continue scrolling, your job can appear in front of the right pair of eyes.


First, your business should create enough job posts to saturate your service areas and surrounding counties with the opportunity. I would also replicate this Job Posting on LinkedIn, where every company page gets one free posting, which can be sponsored. Although we are talking about social media recruiting, I still (somewhat) believe in job boards. If there isn’t an existing account, creating an employer account is recommended to repost the same jobs that are live on Facebook, on Indeed- for free. Do not allocate any budget since you get a fair number of free jobs you can post in the rare event where a job seeker wants to confirm the authenticity of your opportunity.

Amaro Solutions believes in letting organic posts simmer for about a full week as a rule of thumb (depending on urgency). Then, it all comes down to the engagement. If the number of applicants does not satisfy the business’ necessity, an evaluation takes place to set a budget for a specific period.

Simultaneous to these efforts in place, it is highly suggested to get positive reviews on Facebook, for reputation purposes. They can be imported from a business website or any other third-party review tool.

Our “310/10” Strategy

It is no secret that adding a budget to your job ad will make your post surpass organic reach, therefore gain more attention.

Sponsoring the job post on Facebook with an estimated budget of $310 for 10 days, which is our proven formula for most entry-level, industry-specific jobs.

Your Job Traits

Before copying and pasting your job description and slapping it on your post, you must list at least TOP 5 Selling Points that are relevant with your local job seeker and differentiators within your competitors. This will lead the applicants to read on more with interest.

Examples of these differentiators can your selection of the following:

  • Paid Continuous Training – We pay you to continue learning
  • Weekends Off
  • Company Outings & Family Environment
  • Company Vehicle
  • High-Tech Equipment
  • PTO
  • Company Swag
  • Comprehensive Benefits Package (Health, Dental, & Vision)
  • Matching Retirement Package
  • Competitive or Performance Bonuses
  • Company Provided Uniforms
  • Among any others that may be relevant to your ideal candidate.

The Business Brag

You are absolutely allowed to ‘brag’ about your company and let candidates know about your years of experience as a company, the culture in the workspace, and workmanship between fellow team members. Passive candidates are those who may see an amazing opportunity and are willing to take the leap, just because they follow your brand and look up to it.

This often happens when you market your brand from a very holistic and human perspective, being aware that you are marketing to real humans, not numbers. If you are cognizant about this, you are definitely cognizant of your #1 client – your employees.

Teasing Call-To-Action

Since you already have the candidate’s attention, dare them to apply and create a sense of urgency.

  • “Join a Winning Team of professionals seeking your expertise”
  • “Apply Today. Interview Tomorrow.”
  • “If you believe you’re the addition we’ve been looking for, click apply right now”
  • “Our team could use your expertise immediately. Just Apply”
  • “Success waits for you as soon as you hit apply”

Our team at Amaro Solutions is always happy to provide more value to make the best of your recruiting efforts. Request a quick consultation call today or call (860) 990-2180.

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