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Revol Snax: REVOL-utionizing the Snack Market with Nutrient-Rich, Plant-Powered Delights

Indulge in the ultimate snacking experience offering high nutrition, intense taste and eco-responsibility and take a bite of a snacking revolution

Washington, DC, November 8, 2023 — As consumers worldwide clamor for healthier snacking alternatives, Revol Snax emerges as a game-changer. Introducing a range of delicious, low-carb snacks that are a treat for the planet, good for everyone as well as for the planet. In its essence, Revol Snax is here to redefine the snack market.

As the demand for healthier snacks continues to soar, Revol Snax steps up to the plate, offering a range of delectable, low-carb treats designed to cater to both the body and the taste buds. Unlike traditional snacks that leave you craving more, Revol Snax offers the ultimate solution to guilt-free indulgence, bursting with protein, healthy fats, and amazing taste.

What Sets Revol Snax Apart?

Deliciously Nutritiows Snacking: At the heart of Revol Snax is a commitment to crafting snacks that prioritize your health and wellness. With carefully selected, 100% plant-based ingredients, Revol Snax products are keto-friendly, paleo, and entirely free from sugar. Each bite is meticulously crafted to provide a satisfying, indulgent experience without compromising nutritional goals—thus, empowering consumers to make healthful choices everyday.

Innovative Flavorful Creations: Revol Snax goes beyond the ordinary, offering an array of flavors that tantalize the taste buds. From hazelnuts and cashews to organic hemp protein and coconut, every ingredient is chosen for its nutritional value and flavor profile. Revol Snax snacks are not just a treat; they are a culinary adventure, proving that nutritious can also mean incredibly delicious.

Carbon Offset Commitment: Pioneering responsibility in the snacking industry, Revol Snax quantifies and offsets carbon emissions for every product, from raw material sourcing to the final delivery. Partnering with CarbonClick, customers too can contribute to the brand’s carbon offset program with ease during checkout.

The Ultimate Low-Carb Snack Experience: Beyond the eco-initiatives, at its core, Revol Snax offers an uncompromisingly delicious experience. Their products are keto-friendly, paleo, and plant-based, ensuring zero sugar and absolute taste delight.

Encouraging consumers to break from the traditional and often unhealthy snacking norms, Revol Snax invites everyone to join their flavorful, sustainable revolution. Revol Snax is not just offering snacks, but an experience that benefits everyone and the planet.

Experience the snacking revolution and discover Revol Snax in several DC-based stores including Compass Coffee and Union Kitchen Grocery Stores, all Whole Foods branches across the mid-Atlantic, select retailers across the country. Interested consumers can also find Revol Snax on Amazon and is readily available for purchase through their official website. Prices for their delectable snacks vary based on size, with 8-bite packs usually starting at $7.99, 3-bite packs starting at $3.39 and nut butters priced at $12.99. Bundles are also available online with prices marked from $24.95 to $57.97.

For a deeper dive into the world of Revol Snax, their delicious products, and their unparalleled sustainability mission, visit And for a full list of retailers that carry Revol Snax, visit


About Revol Snax


Born from a vision of healthful indulgence, Revol Snax challenges the snack industry’s status quo with its sustainably sourced, 100% plant-based treats. As a woman and minority-owned brand that’s rooted in the belief that snacks should be both delicious and nutritious, Revol Snax is dedicated to offering an uncompromising snacking experience. With a focus on real food ingredients, healthy fats, and zero sugar, Revol Snax is revolutionizing the way we snack, one delicious bite at a time. Revol Snax blends innovation and responsibility, utilizing eco-friendly packaging and rigorously offsetting our carbon footprint. At the core of its mission, 

Revol Snax is not just offering snacks but pioneering a movement for the body, taste buds, and planet. Dive into their mission and be part of the REVOL-ution at

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