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Revolutionizing Crypto Markets with FuturisticSwap


FuturisticSwap, a blockchain technology company, just launched its FuturisticDex v1 that connects the crypto market with smart contracts. The company aims to revolutionize the crypto market by introducing cutting-edge technology and innovative blockchain solutions that enhance user experience.

FuturisticSwap is a multifunctional robust cutting-edge Decentralised exchange with its token (FWAP), which has amazing Futuristic features and real utilities. FWAP is designed to have multiple use cases, as a currency for decentralized exchange (DEX), Wallet, Bank, P2eGames, NFT marketplace, Launchpad, other blockchain-based applications and all through the Ecosystem. The FuturisticSwap team believes that the cryptocurrency market is still in its early stages and that there is a significant opportunity for a token like FWAP to provide value to users, with a max supply and no new tokens to be created after the initial distribution. This limited supply will create scarcity and help to increase the value of FWAP over time

The goal of FuturisticSwap is to create a decentralized ecosystem aimed at aiding & promoting decentralization, swift transactions, tokenization, an independent robust ecosystem on Coredao and PHASE 9: Building on its independent Chain.

The company’s use cases/utilities and blockchain solutions facilitates with a wide range of features and benefits, including:

  • FuturisticDex: v1 is live which is one of the primary use cases, FWAP will be used as a currency for its decentralized exchange (DEX). The v2 is expected to be a multiple cross-chain dex and launch in phase 2, which is stated in their roadmap.
  • FuturisticSwap IAO App: The FuturisticSwap app is live on Playstore where early adopters/miners can mine daily Airdrop and earn invite bonuses as well.
  • FuturisticPad: FuturisticPad is FuturistSwap’s decentralized launchpad, where upcoming projects can hold their IDO, ICO, IFO, IEO, IGO, INO & IAO.
  • FuturisticBank: This is the invest to earn banking feature facility, where users/hodlers put their tokens to work earning a fixed percentage (%) as passive income daily and get incentives & rewards. Of course, multiple banking pools are available with referral/team bonuses attached
  • Many more utilities & use cases such as: The FuturisticWallet, FuturisticLottery, FuturisticNftmarketplace, FuturisticP2egame, FuturisticPay & FuturisticChain.

FuturisticSwap’s innovative blockchain solutions aims at making the DeFi market, a faster, secure and interactive space for all its users with its futuristic features/tech.

FuturisticSwap [FWAP] has completed its audit, making it safer for its users & investors.


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