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Revolutionizing Music: A New Era Dawns

Nestled amidst the tranquil beauty of New South Wales (NSW), Australia, where the calm coastal vistas juxtapose the lively beats of Gold Coast’s vibrant nightlife, a transformative sound is taking root.

Leading this sonic revolution is Sound House Music, steered by the dynamic and visionary Jessica, who is on a mission to revolutionize the way artists navigate their musical odysseys.

A New Chapter in Musical Evolution

Music ought to be a triumphant journey, transcending mere streaming,” declares Jessica, encapsulating the ethos that Sound House Music embodies.

This innovative platform transcends conventional track playing; it orchestrates a symphony of life where artists can challenge, compete, and share their triumphs with a global audience.

Distinguishing Features of Sound House Music

Sound House Music distinguishes itself through several groundbreaking features:

  • Diverse Rewards and Opportunities: Sound House Music extends beyond being a mere platform, positioning itself as a springboard for musical careers. It offers a plethora of rewards, ranging from mentorship sessions with industry stalwarts to coveted performance slots at festivals. Jessica asserts, “We are not just a platform; we are an accelerator for musical journeys.”
  • Genre-Specific and Thematic Battles: Sound House Music taps into the pulse of contemporary society, curating battles centered around pertinent global themes such as climate change and pride month. This innovative strategy ensures that the platform’s offerings remain current, engaging, and resonate deeply with its audience.
  • Gamified Experience Points (XP) Rewards: Sound House Music introduces a novel XP reward system that gamifies the user experience, cultivating a sense of belonging and inclusivity. Jessica invites artists to “Join us in sculpting the future of music,” highlighting her dedication to ensuring that no artist is sidelined.

Delving into Jessica’s Journey

Hailing from the peaceful locales of NSW, Australia, Jessica’s journey is a mosaic of diverse talents. From her initial days as a sought-after magazine and bikini model to mesmerizing audiences in Australia’s bustling music venues, her journey has been multifaceted.

As an entrepreneur, Jessica, at the age of 26, ventured into business, establishing a thriving gin bar in Melbourne. Subsequently, alongside her husband, she co-founded Border Concrete Pumping, steering it to become a multimillion-dollar venture.

Despite these achievements, Jessica’s ardor for music remained undiminished, culminating in the creation of Sound House Music. This platform transcends conventional streaming services, offering artists a canvas to flourish and succeed autonomously.

Sound House Music: Shaping the Music Industry’s Future

Sound House Music envisions a transformative shift in the music industry over the next 2-3 years. It foresees an era of inclusivity and celebration of artists from diverse backgrounds.

Platforms that empower artists will be pivotal in this transformation, and Sound House Music aligns seamlessly with this vision, advocating for diversity, inclusivity, and the upliftment of emerging artists. Jessica affirms, “We believe in the unifying power of music, one battle at a time.”

With the official launch of Sound House Music slated for January 2024 and a grand celebration planned for April, the future is promising. The inaugural battle winners will take the stage, signifying a crucial juncture in the platform’s evolution.


Sound House Music stands as a beacon in the digital expanse, symbolizing a movement and revolution led by Jessica.

Her journey, from the Gold Coast nightclubs to establishing a pioneering music platform, epitomizes the boundless opportunities that materialize when passion aligns with purpose.

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