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Revvl: The Bold Journey of Lexx Mills and Livv Mills to Transform Celebration

livv and lexx mills

Celebrations are often synonymous with the clinking of glasses and the effervescence of spirits. But for a groundbreaking movement, two entrepreneurs are challenging the conventional. At the heart of this revolution is Revvl, a brand that goes beyond being merely a product; it’s a call for reveling in life’s moments with unbridled joy and purposeful indulgence. The architects of this transformative venture?

Two visionary sisters, Lexx Mills and Livv Mills, whose fateful return to their familial nest in their 30s ignited a quest to reinvent the very essence of celebration.

Lexx and Livv

Livv and Lexx, (left to right) sisters and co-founders of Revvl:

Nestled within the walls of their childhood sanctuary, where the support and love of three generations converge, Lexx and Livv discovered their calling.

Lexx, armed with a robust educational background from the University of Michigan, including an MBA and a Master of Urban and Regional Planning, returned home to lend her expertise to minority and women-owned businesses in Baltimore. Her journey intertwined with Livv’s, who sought reinvention and purpose, setting the stage for Revvl’s inception.

Revvl stands as a testament to more than just an alternative to alcohol; it represents a rebellion against the mundane, a crafted cocktail of boldness and innovation that refuses to compromise. This venture symbolizes the duo’s audacity to carve their distinct path, underpinned by their identity as proud Black women poised to leave an indelible mark on the $1.8B non-alcoholic beverage industry.

Lexx Mills, in particular, embodies the strategic genius behind Revvl. Her tenure at Johns Hopkins University and Health System as the Director of Economic Inclusion & Impact saw her at the helm of HopkinsLocal and BLocal initiatives, which aimed to harness the institution’s economic might to foster growth and investment in Baltimore. Her knack for strategic partnerships and community building, combined with her commitment to social impact, has been pivotal in shaping Revvl’s trajectory towards becoming a leader in its category.

Before her groundbreaking work at Johns Hopkins, Lexx contributed significantly to the Port Covington Development, where she championed supplier diversity and supported the revitalization efforts of South Baltimore communities. Her experience as an educator and a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in Malaysia further enriches her multifaceted approach to business and community engagement.

Revvl, therefore, is not just a product but a movement, encapsulating the sisters’ journey, ethos, and the collective aspiration of those who yearn for meaningful and inclusive ways to celebrate. It’s a brand that speaks to rebels, dreamers, and anyone who believes in the transformative power of unity and shared dreams.

As we delve into the world of Revvl, we’re invited to join a revolution that values joy, authenticity, and the profound connections forged through celebration. It’s a beacon for those who seek to live fully, love deeply, and raise a glass to the moments that truly matter, without the need for alcohol. Welcome to the Revvlution – a testament to the courage, vision, and unwavering spirit of Lexx Mills and Livv, two sisters who dared to dream and, in doing so, have invited the world to revel in their vision of joy and celebration.

Revvl Wins Big at Baltimore BizCon Pitch Competition earlier this year (pictured above)

Revvl, the innovative zero-proof cocktail brand founded by the dynamic sister duo Livv and Lexx, recently clinched first place at the Baltimore BizCon Pitch Competition. This significant achievement marks a key milestone in their entrepreneurial journey, showcasing their unique approach to non-alcoholic beverages as not just mocktails, but a vibrant lifestyle choice.

The competition highlighted Revvl’s standout concept and vision, propelling it to victory among a group of promising startups. The event served as a powerful platform for the brand, allowing it to shine through its passion and innovative spirit.

Lexx and Livv gave special thanks to the organizers, Tiffany Bethea and Quinn Conyers, for an unforgettable experience; mentors Rosilyn Chirayath, Stephanie Wong, Daniel Osborne, and Mack Anderson, for their invaluable insights; Takia Ross, for spotlighting this opportunity; and the esteemed judges Brandon Bacote, Lyndsae’ Peele, & Omar Muhammad, alongside the competitors and audience, for their support and encouragement.

This win is just the beginning for Revvl, as Livv and Lexx set their sights on future dreams and ambitions. With the community’s backing, they’re excited to continue their journey, promising to bring more innovation and celebration into the non-alcoholic beverage market.

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