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Rising Star H3TheArtist: A New Voice in Music


Steven Scott, known professionally as H3TheArtist, is making waves in the music industry as an independent artist from Clayton County, Georgia. His journey into music began in middle school during the peak of the SoundCloud era and has since evolved into a career that not only showcases his musical talents but also his multifaceted contributions as a producer, actor, and songwriter.

The Independent Path of H3TheArtist

Unlike many artists who sign with major labels, H3TheArtist has chosen to keep his operations in-house, from music production to video creation. Collaborating closely with SouthKak, a colleague who worked with Gene Griffin of Universal Music, H3TheArtist has developed a distinctive sound over the last five years. This partnership has allowed him to sculpt not only his music but also the opportunities that come with being a creator in today’s dynamic music landscape.

H3TheArtist’s music blends soulful melodies with inspiring lyrics, creating a unique vibe that resonates with a diverse audience. His songs, such as “You Got It,” are crafted to make listeners feel special, capturing moments that are both personal and universal. With influences ranging from Kendrick Lamar and T.I. to Bryson Tiller, whose album ‘Trapsoul’ left a lasting impression on him, H3TheArtist is dedicated to creating music that feels genuine and heartfelt.

Music That Moves and Inspires

For H3TheArtist, music is more than just entertainment; it’s a way to connect with others and share experiences that encourage and uplift. His upcoming project, “Sincerely, H3,” promises to be a deeply personal and vulnerable work, aiming to support and inspire those who need it most.

Despite the challenges of balancing a music career with everyday responsibilities, H3TheArtist remains committed to his craft and his vision. He finds motivation in the uniqueness of his journey and the personal milestones he has achieved, such as winning a distribution award early in his career and participating in significant events like the “New Dawn Tour” in Atlanta.

Beyond music, H3TheArtist is also exploring his talents in acting. He is involved in various projects including a crime drama titled “The Unforgivables,” and several films set to release in the near future. These endeavors showcase his versatility and commitment to artistic expression in multiple forms.

Listen to H3TheArtist on Spotify and follow him on Instagram to stay updated with his latest releases and projects. As H3TheArtist continues to evolve and reach new heights, he remains a beacon of inspiration, reminding us to stay true to ourselves and pursue our passions relentlessly.

In the words of H3TheArtist, “Continue to do what makes you happy and only live for you and not the rest of the world. Find peace in you and keep your head high and ego low.” This message not only defines his approach to life and music but also resonates with anyone pursuing a dream in the face of challenges.

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