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Redefining the Bay Area Rap: A Deep Dive into the World of Saeed



Breaking the norms and stepping outside the traditional gangsta personas, Saeed, an independent artist from Richmond, California, is redefining the Bay Area Rap scene with his vibrant, emboldened lyricism. Diving deep into the hip-hop scene, he is keen to reflect the struggle and the streets of the inner city nationwide through his music.

Roots and Influence

Saeed is a product of his family lineage and environment. The Bay Area, renowned for its independent music culture, significantly influenced Saeed’s music. Drawing inspiration from industry pioneers like 2 pac, E 40, Mac Dre, Nipsey Hussle, and more, Saeed developed a unique blend of lyricism that paints vivid pictures of struggles and solutions.

Uniqueness in Style

Saeed’s music is a flavorful mix of ‘Playa Activism’ and a ‘Neo Mob’ sound, a term coined by Mani Draper. Witty wordplay, uncanny lyrics, and motivational messages are the cornerstone of his music. As he puts it, his projects are intended to “stop making excuses and start making it happen”.

The Art of Collaboration

Saeed is not averse to collaboration, but it has to make sense. His brother Jstn Tyme and business partner BamaRealLive are among his go-to’s for production and advice. For Saeed, an impactful vision and organic connection are prerequisites for any collaboration.

Memories and Milestones

Saeed’s most memorable moment in his music career was his participation in Nipsey Hussle’s Mailbox Money Tour, an event that propelled him to start his company, Live From Paradise LLC. The tour not only solidified his name within the Bay Area culture but also inspired him to become the owner and boss he always envisioned.

The Power of Music

Saeed aims to infuse passion, persistence, consistency, resilience, determination, and motivation into his music, hoping these qualities ooze out through the speakers, giving listeners hope and purpose. He considers music his therapy, a place where he can be himself and pour out his heart and soul.

Looking Ahead

Saeed’s future plans include releasing a full-life album with major features and achieving a goal of surpassing 1 million streams in a year. He also looks forward to collaborating with more overseas artists and venturing into music business ventures and investments.

Follow Saeed’s journey on his Spotify and check out his latest updates on Instagram.

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