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Sajjad Ali Mirza: Driving Change in the World of Transport

The tale of Sajjad Ali Mirza is an outstanding testament to perseverance, determination, and a relentless drive for innovation. Coming from modest beginnings, Sajjad has effectively challenged the concept of “self-made.” He has forged his path in the transportation sector with Abbed Transport, firmly grounding his journey in the richness of his heritage and unwavering familial values.

Born to a lower-middle-class family in India, Sajjad’s father was a transport industry worker, handling everything from transporting wood to carrying the recently deceased. When the family made the decision to move to Australia, seeking financial security, a better life, and improved prospects, their circumstances dramatically transformed. This shift wasn’t easy, but it shaped Sajjad into a resilient and industrious individual.

Thrown into the tough world of adulthood at 18, Sajjad had varied experiences. He worked in warehouses, unloaded trucks, and even served as a doorman for upscale brands like Chanel and Tiffany & Co. Despite the strains of long working hours, due to his parents’ separation during his university years, and the constant struggle against mounting bills, Sajjad’s determination remained unshaken.

Years of labor seemed to lead nowhere as the corporate ladder appeared unreachable, and his dreams remained blocked by a seemingly impervious wall of favoritism. However, during a late-night train journey, Sajjad had a profound epiphany. He realized his heritage was steeped in the transportation industry and that his experiences in warehouses echoed this past. This led him on a path of transformation.

Saying goodbye to his previous employment, Sajjad dove into an entrepreneurial journey in the trucking industry. Starting from the ground up, without any financial safety net, the path was riddled with obstacles – fierce competition from well-established companies, volatile fuel prices, and a demanding business environment. But Sajjad’s conviction remained solid. He had unwavering belief in the power of collaboration and the capacity of his small yet committed team to tackle any challenges they encountered.

One critical turning point for Sajjad was a change in his managerial approach. Instead of punishing employees who didn’t meet expectations, Sajjad opted to provide them with further training. This strategy emphasized empathy, communication, and mutual growth. His advice to budding entrepreneurs embodies his philosophy, “Always trust your ideas. Struggles are stepping stones, not setbacks. They make us capable, strong individuals. Be honorable, aim high, and stay goal-oriented even in a world filled with dishonesty.”

To maintain equilibrium amidst his demanding work life, Sajjad designates a day each week to relax, dedicating this time to his family, friends, and hobbies. He finds peace in meditation, which aids him in focusing on larger concerns. While he remains secretive about his future plans, his promise of “big things coming” suggests a continued trajectory of innovation and expansion.

The journey of Sajjad is a guiding light for those who aspire to turn dreams into reality. It underscores the power of undying determination and a tireless spirit. Sajjad serves as a reminder that our circumstances may shape us, but it is our choices that truly define us. His success with Abbed Transport is just the beginning, and it’s evident that as his journey evolves, Sajjad will continue to inspire, innovate, and revolutionize the transportation industry.

For additional information, visit Abbed Delivers, or follow him on Instagram and LinkedIn.

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