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Security Specialist, Veterinary Surgeon, and Blockchain Consultant, Dr. Harry J. Malinski Continues to Redefine What it Means to Succeed as a Diversified Entrepreneur

Even at a young age, most of us have an answer for what we want to be when we grow up – apparently, mastering just one thing isn’t quite challenging enough for Harry Malinski.

Having demonstrated success across multiple industries in impressively short timeframes, Dr. Malinski began by working his way up to a senior position at a private security firm directly overseeing $10M+ in assets. This involved personally managing the security needs for high profile clientele including celebrities and fortune 500 business owners. 

Upon his exit, Malinski went on to graduate from the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine, working with the USDA as a Veterinary Medical Officer concerning Food Safety and Public Health. For several years Malinski continued to practice for a non-profit organization that utilized his surgical skills to assist with the animal population in high-volume, high quality spay and neuters, personally conducting an average of 50 surgeries per day. Harry would often bore his technicians about his growing enthusiasm for cryptocurrency and his desire to help the financially uneducated.

Dr. Malinski has always believed that especially in the United States, people are often never taught how to properly handle and manage money – as the pandemic began to affect everyone’s daily life causing a worldwide economic crisis, Malinski vowed to provide free financial education through his own YouTube channel. Known in the fintech community as “CryptoVet”, Malinski is recognized in cryptocurrency circles for his knowledge of blockchain technology, charting analysis, and margin trading. While streaming live on Twitch, Harry has successfully generated over $250,000 in profit through utilizing his trading strategies in real-time, giving his audience a chance to learn, observe, and generate wealth for themselves. He is now expanding on this approach through establishing an interactive educational program with other partners in the space to provide personalized, hands-on mentorship opportunities for those interested in finding their own success through cryptocurrency. We are told this initiative will go by the name Binary Bulls and we can expect to see a public launch early next year.

As a passionate supporter of the arts, Malinski has always been fascinated by what it takes behind the scenes to fulfill creative visions across the music, film, and gaming industries. In alignment with these interests Harry has teamed up with PennyFly Entertainment, a growing by-artists-for-artists platform as their Director of Technology.

By providing insight into new ways artists can monetize via blockchain initiatives (such as NFTs, smart contracts, and unique tokenomics), Harry continues to foster innovation by leveraging his tech knowledge to generate more revenue streams for artists. Having demonstrated his expertise through real-time debates with crypto’s top influencers on podcasts such as Around The Blockchain with BitBoy Crypto, Malinski is now focused on, a groundbreaking NFT-based MMORPG. Within a mere three weeks DashLeague progressed from an unknown brand with no social media at all, to rapidly surpassing 75 Ethereum in pre-sale mints with Harry leading the charge on multiple supporting efforts alongside PennyFly’s founder and CEO. 

Those interested in following Harry’s journey will find him active on Twitter as @CryptoVet_ and live streaming on Twitch. If it’s any incentive, Harry continues to give back to his audience having given away over $10,000 so far this year. With an ever-expanding list of clientele and innovative projects, one thing is for sure – Dr. Malinski loves the challenge of new opportunities and it seems he doesn’t intend to slow down any time soon.

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