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SiNns: Harnessing the Power of Music for Personal Growth and Connection


Independent musician SiNns, known for his introspective lyrics and unique blend of rock and electronic music, is set to captivate listeners once again with the release of his new single, “Zero,” on April 14th, 2023. The song delves into the intriguing concept of reincarnation, exploring the idea of returning to a state of nothingness before embracing the potential of a new life.

The foundation of SiNns’ musical journey can be traced back to his childhood, where he discovered his love for music through playing various instruments and being exposed to different genres by his father and grandfather. Over time, SiNns honed his skills and developed his own distinctive sound, culminating in the launch of his independent project, SiNns, in 2018.

Working closely with long-time friend and producer Tanner Heggy, aka Everscape, SiNns crafts evocative compositions that draw on his personal esoteric experiences. His cryptic lyrics offer listeners the opportunity to dive deep into the stories and find their own meanings, encouraging self-discovery and personal growth.

Having overcome significant mental health challenges in 2017, SiNns found solace and healing in his music. This transformative experience shaped his creative process, resulting in powerful and deeply personal compositions that reflect his journey towards inner peace.

SiNns attributes his success as a musician not only to his creative output but also to the relationships he has forged with fellow artists and collaborators. His connections with talented creatives such as Tanner Heggy (Everscape), and his music video director, David Spine (R3X Wonders) have played a vital role in the development of his craft, providing support and inspiration along the way.

Drawing from a wide array of musical influences, SiNns is inspired by artists like Maynard James Keenan, Serj Tankian, Brandon Boyd, Kurt Elling, Massive Attack, Tycho, James Blake and many more. In the coming months, SiNns plans to release more singles and a new music video, further showcasing his unique sound and other worldly storytelling. Fans can also look forward to new merchandise that reflects his artistic vision.

As SiNns continues to produce heartfelt and thought-provoking music, he invites his audience to embark on a journey of self-discovery, guided by the power of his art. Through his deeply personal compositions, SiNns aims to inspire listeners to question their beliefs, explore new ideas, and find meaning in the mysteries of life. You can keep up with SiNns on Instagram and follow along with his music on Spotify.

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