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How Justin Burns Created an Online Platform That is Helping Hundreds of Businesses Thrive

Ten years ago, Justin Burns was a burnt out loan officer. Today, he is helping hundreds of businesses thrive online with a platform tailor-made for the digital age. 

Justin always had an affinity for teaching others. Even when digital marketing wasn’t at the forefront of his professional life, he possessed a natural instinct to introduce and teach others new things. 

Before he quit his job as a loan officer, Justin had already begun researching and developing online marketing strategies with friends. He never had family involved with entrepreneurship, but he was inspired to create his own path in that area. For the first couple years, he failed to find major success in this regard, but his fire for digital innovation never wavered. 

Eventually, he reached a point where his knowledge and experience was vast enough for him to develop his own online program that focused on teaching other people how to sell other programs of their own specialties. This effort more or less failed, but Justin realized that the core idea was solid. He took the time to tweak and fully flesh out the program and turned it into a six-figure online digital business.

After working with a client who owned a software company develop his own educational courses, Justin began to see the potential to evolve his business on a wider, more impactful scale. Using his grasp of technology, course creation, and other valuable tools, Justin created Miestro, an online platform that would help course creators and business owners take their knowledge and turn it into a digital product online. 

With Miestro, Justin’s organization provides a platform that not only digitizes course materials and arranges them in an accessible, customizable platform, but also provides the ability to easily create memberships and customer portals as well as other online coaching programs. 

Over its four year existence, Miestro has been optimized to remove the typical stresses and technical difficulties many businesses face when bringing their programs online. 

As working from home has become a growing standard, Justin’s organization realizes that the need for online resources that help ease this transition is essential. Miestro allows businesses to provide communication and training on a wide scale that previously would not have been efficiently possible. For this same reason, numerous other features such as email management, video and content hosting, and advanced analytics are provided to help better manage the complications of transitioning to a digital environment. 

Justin’s main goal when setting off on this entrepreneurial journey was to discover how he could best help teach others and provide them with tools that will allow them to thrive. In developing Miestro, he has created a platform that will allow countless others to realize this same mission on a much wider scale. 

Currently, Justin is offering a free book that will help others be more in tune with the digital landscape: Expert Code, which can be found here.For more information on Miestro, or if you want to connect with Justin further, visit

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