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Venezuelan Manuel Ruiz wins prestigious “A’ Design Award & Competition”




The A’ Design Award has the philanthropic goal of advancing society with good design. A’ Design Award aims to raise awareness of good design practices and principles around the world, as well as ignite and reward creativity, original ideas and concept generation across all industrial sectors. A’ Design Award seeks to promote superior products and projects that offer additional value, greater utility, new functionality, improved aesthetics, exceptional efficiency, better sustainability and greater performance.

An illustrious Venezuelan, Manuel Ruiz, author of the book “UNLEASHING YOUR CREATIVE POTENTIAL: From Inspiration to Creation” was awarded this renowned international award. The A’ Design Award & Competition is an annual design award with an international jury managed by the World Design Rankings, open to good design work from all countries, in all disciplines and by all entities. A’ Design Award & Competition entries are blindly peer-reviewed and voted on according to pre-established criteria by a grand jury comprised of established academics, influential members of the press, prominent businesspeople and experienced designers, to recognise, highlight, promote and publicize the better. designs worldwide.

Graphic designer Manuel Ruiz created a logo for the social media development company Mediana Studio. The Mediana logo is a prometric composition that seems to float in the air. The icon in green tones is inspired by an origami balloon that at the same time suggests a letter M inside. The use of Origami represents the power of creativity and the shades of green represent the 3 professionals who founded the company, the Globe icon is accompanied by the name Mediana.

Manuel Ruiz received Certificate of Excellence, A’ Design Award in the Graphics Design, Illustration and Visual Communication category in the period 2022 – 2023 with design #142415 Brand identity of Mediana Studio.

The ultimate goal of A’ Design Award & Competition is to create incentives for designers, brands and companies around the world to present superior products, projects, services, materials, technologies and experiences that benefit and advance society. Designs awarded with the Design Award and Competition receive this certificate to once again celebrate their design excellence and praise their high quality.

A’ Design Award entries were carefully evaluated by an internationally influential grand jury panel bringing together leading academics, influential journalists, established design professionals and seasoned entrepreneurs from around the world.

The A’ Design Award jury devoted great attention to the presentation and details of each project. Interest in the design award was global, with nominations from all major industry sectors and entries from a significant number of countries.

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