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Wono: The Future of Remote Work

Every day, our world and our interactions in society are changing faster than ever. New methods of communication, negotiation, commerce, etc. have rapidly changed the way individuals cooperate with each other. One manifestation of this continuous change is the rise of the sharing economy, which has disrupted many niche markets: travelers can save money by choosing AirBnB instead of hotels, and travelers can get faster and cheaper than taxis through Lyft or Uber. Transportation services, faster home delivery Postmates and DoorDash are more versatile than ever. However, the current implementation of the sharing economy is not entirely reminiscent of a revolution in tomorrow’s society. 

As these startups strive to make money, their role as intermediaries is increasingly demanding on suppliers and consumers, weakening the advantages they provide to both parties over traditional alternatives. Today, activity fees on these platforms can reach up to 30% per transaction. When these platforms are used for renting in other countries/regions, these currency conversions will translate into additional costs. These components simultaneously reduce supplier profits and consumer savings, with little or no net savings compared to traditional alternatives such as hotels and taxis.

Introducing Wono, a Boston-based start-up provides an all-in-one P2P solution for freelancers & employers to find remote jobs and post jobs. We combine the capabilities platforms for freelancers – Upwork and Freelancer. The key value of the project is simplifying the way to conduct transactions between users and reducing the cost of transactions and commissions in comparison with other competitors. We want to give more flexibility to businesses and freelancers by combining advanced resume management, gigs work and sharing options. 

The platform strives to create a closed financial ecosystem. All transactions take place in WONO, and the versatility and wide capabilities of the deals enables remote freelancers to work with employers worldwide.

The breakdown of the funding can be found in the whitepaper, with some percent going to product development, marketing, business development, legal affairs, and community incentives and growth. 

For more information on WONO, check out their website, interact with the community on Telegram, and follow the project on Twitter, Facebook, and Medium.

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