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Yanet Pájaro: Yes, you can be successful and productive through entrepreneurship

Yanet Pájaro is a benchmark as a business and wellness coach. Expert in offering a qualified professional accompaniment service to find solutions to the most important problems of entrepreneurs through awareness and learning. She is the creator of a program that provides key tools to achieve successful, profitable businesses, which have served as a guide in the training of hundreds of entrepreneurs.

His plan focuses on forming various strategies for businesses to generate income, be totally autonomous financially, but also in perfect harmony with well-being, not only business, but also on a personal level.

Yanet Pájaro, through her business and wellness strategy and mentoring, shows a balance of “doing, growing and being”, guaranteed by her extensive studies as a coach.

His extensive experience as a business and wellness strategist is intertwined with one of his passions, which is writing with a purpose. She has written a wonderful children’s book called “El Armario de Natalia”: this text is now available in English and Spanish on all digital platforms worldwide. It deals with a widespread concern, taken from her daughter’s questions and captured for the benefit of many girls and mothers. With “El armario de Natalia” Pájaro seeks to preserve that illusion of being girls without being invaded by the hypersexualization that is seen today in children’s fashion and gestures. Its premise: education as the basis for healthy and positive growth. Urges to “undertake, educate yourself, take action and develop your ideas and dreams. Yes, you can be happy and productive through entrepreneurship”, he said emphatically.

It should be noted that Yanet Pájaro was recently awarded the Latin Business Awards 2022 Award, in the city of Miami, in the inspiration mention, a recognition of her work as a business coach and entrepreneur, her current company was also awarded the Latino USA Entrepreneur award 2022 delivered by Led Marketing. Her success with the book inspired her to capture a legacy for new entrepreneurs in an Anthology that she writes with other writers that will be available soon. Recently, Yanet Pájaro had a very successful presence at the “Local Author Book Fair 2023” in Miami Florida. Activity that represented a considerable increase in her position in the region as an inspirational author.

If you want to know more about Yanet Pájaro you can follow her on her social networks

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