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City Swipes: How Carri Degenhardt Uses Fluid Art to Empower Teams and Boost Bottom Lines

City Swipes
City Swipes

From crunching numbers to swirling colors, Carri Degenhardt has traded her Wall Street power suit for an artist’s apron, and the results are nothing short of spectacular. Her fluid art studio, City Swipes, located a stone’s throw from the financial district, is not only a haven for stressed-out professionals but also a thriving business model that’s turning heads in the corporate world.

Degenhardt, a former finance executive, understands the pressures of the corporate grind all too well. “I’ve been there,” she says, “working long hours, dealing with high-stakes decisions, and feeling the constant weight of stress. Fluid art was my escape, my way to decompress and reconnect with my creativity.”

Realizing the potential of fluid art to transform not only individuals but entire teams, Degenhardt launched City Swipes, offering workshops and customized programs designed to foster creativity, collaboration, and innovation. The response has been overwhelming, with working professionals as well as companies flocking to the studio to tap into the power of this unique art form.

“Fluid art is like a reset button for the mind,” explains Degenhardt. “It allows people to step away from their usual routines, unleash their imaginations, and connect with themselves or with each other in a meaningful way.”

The benefits of fluid art for businesses are undeniable. Studies have shown that creative activities can boost productivity, improve problem-solving skills, and foster a more positive and collaborative work environment. And that translates to tangible results, from increased innovation to higher employee morale.

Degenhardt’s success story is a testament to the power of pivoting and following one’s passion. She has not only created a thriving business but also tapped into a growing demand for innovative team-building and wellness solutions.

Degenhardt has discovered fluid art to be a powerful tool that can transform businesses from the inside out. She is excited to continue sharing this with companies and empowering teams to reach their full potential.

For entrepreneurs and hustlers looking for the next big thing, City Swipes is a prime example of how to turn a passion into a profitable venture. By tapping into the needs of the modern workforce and offering a unique and effective solution, Carri Louise Degenhardt has created a business model that is both inspiring and lucrative.

Carri’s fluid art creations and other inspired products are available for collectors at her gallery: Furthermore, her personal creations are making their way into galleries and boutiques throughout the North East

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