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Transform Your Life with Alessia Citro’s New Book, Higher Self Habits

Embracing Your Higher Self: Alessia Citro’s Holistic Guide to Habit Transformation

Entrepreneur and habits and high-performance coach, Alessia Citro, will be officially releasing her new book, Higher Self Habits, on June 13, 2024, helping individuals from all walks of life to discover their higher selves by deeply exploring the transformative world of habits. Her book promises to be a groundbreaking resource to make lasting changes in life by integrating behavioral science, neuroscience, psychology, quantum principles, universal law, and spirituality.

The Book Alessia Wishes She Had

“I wrote Higher Self Habits because it’s the book I wish I’d had,” Alessia explains. The inspiration behind her book stems from a deep understanding that successful habit formation requires more than just discipline and repetition. Traditional approaches often overlook the spiritual or energetic components crucial for lasting change. “We are not physical beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a physical experience,” she emphasizes.

The Higher Self Habits Method

Alessia’s method is encapsulated in a simple five-stage framework designed to facilitate continued transformation. Here’s a closer look at each stage:

Part 1: Aware

The journey begins with awareness, uncovering barriers that keep you stuck in old patterns. “You’ll uncover the root programs that are keeping you stuck in sameness and will begin rewiring them to create the future your soul is being called to,” Alessia writes, emphasizing and understanding why we resist change and learning to act courageously in the face of fear.

Part 2: Align

In the alignment stage, clarity on who you are becoming is crucial. “Energy flows where your attention goes,” Alessia notes, focusing on thinking, feeling, and acting as your higher, aspirational self, akin to a newborn child discovering the world for a new version of you.

Part 3: Audit

To move forward, address what holds you back. In the audit stage, you’ll analyze what’s working and what’s not. Alessia provides a framework for determining what stays and what goes. “In order to step into a new future, we must first address the parts of us that aren’t going there,” she says, quoting highly regarded physician and scientist, Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Part 4: Activate

The activation stage is where theory meets practice. Here, you’ll design and implement new behaviors, making desired habits automatic. “This is where you’ll begin to see decision fatigue fall away as you make more and more desired behaviors automatic,” Alessia explains. With a solid foundation, you’ll have the capacity to pursue the reality you’ve long envisioned.

Part 5: Ascend & Amplify

The final stage is about ascension and amplification. By fully stepping into your higher self, you elevate your identity and vision, amplifying your impact on the world. “Your identity thermostat is turned up, your vision is bigger, and your confidence is soaring,” Alessia writes, affirming and leading readers to new levels of awareness and alignment.

Simple, Effective, and Transformative

Alessia adheres to the KISS Principle: Keep It Simple, Sweetheart. Her book is designed to help readers uncover their blockages, identify which habits to start with, and implement changes with simple behavior design making this resource accessible, practical, achievable and sustainable.

A Resource for Everyone

Whether you’re a busy mom trying to juggle family and personal growth, or a professional looking to break through self-imposed limitations, “Higher Self Habits” offers valuable insights and tools. Alessia’s holistic method not only addresses the physical and mental aspects of habit formation but also incorporates the spiritual dimensions often ignored by other self-help books.

Join the Journey

As the release date approaches, anticipation for “Higher Self Habits” continues to grow. Alessia’s blend of personal experience, professional expertise, and holistic insights make this book a must-read for anyone committed to personal development. For those eager to start their transformation journey she also offers a series of workshops and programs that aim to help individuals to harness their higher selves.

Alessia’s resources provide a comprehensive guide to transforming one’s life by stepping into your higher self. Don’t miss the chance to embark on this transformative journey and elevate your life to new heights. To stay connected and gain more insights, tune into her inhabit podcast, where she shares wisdom and interviews experts in the field.

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